Director and Contact


Alfons Egger


with Estrella or the Corso Wien-Orchestra

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- by telephone at +43 664 20 19 238

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Alfons Egger, A-1200 Wien, Wolfsaugasse 4/27


  The Musical Director

Alfons Egger, a many-sided musician with a special love of overlapping styles and newer music, is a member of the Vienna Philharmonic. After studying piano and violin at the University of Music in Vienna and joining the famous Viennese orchestra, he gathered wide experience not only in many chamber concert performances but also as an arranger of numerous pieces for small ensembles and large orchestras as well as through his further study of composition and conducting Alfons Egger has made a special contribution in the field of classical Viennese light music as director of the 'Philharmonia Schrammeln'.

Through the only encyclopaedic CD production of historical Viennese songs and dances from the so-called 'Kremser Alben'- 15 CD's have been recorded with his ensemble by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) - he has made a little history in the interpretation oft this special genre. After over two decades of experience in these fields, his curiosity about different, newer and more international music led him to the idea of founding an ensemble that would be distinctive for its repertoire and quality and pursue new avenues in light music - that is Corso Vienna.